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What I’ve Learned: 2/7/17 Mexico, Lifetime Goals and Lost Keys…

Daily High: Today’s high was getting the tour of the reservations system for my new condo in Rocky Point, Mexico (AKA Puerto Penasco).

It’s been a lifetime goal to own a place in Mexico to travel to on a more consistent basis. I have a number of reasons. Here are a few…

First, I grew up at the coast and had immediate access to the beaches and ocean. Although I love living in the desert environment for the blue skies and beautiful weather, I do miss the crashing ocean waves and shoreline. So it’s nice to know I can be there in just a few hours drive.

Second, I’ve had a life-long goal of learning to speak Spanish fluently. I feel like the more time I spend surrounded by people speaking the language (and my willingness to become vulnerable and try to speak it too!) I’ll develop the skill a lot faster.

Third, my kids LOVE going to the beach and I’m really excited to spend as much time with them doing fun stuff as they are growing up SO FAST! We’ve taken a number of trips to Rocky Point and Cabo San Lucas over the years. It’s always a great adventure and different each and every time.

Fourth, it’s a good investment. Both financially as well as for family vacation time and relationship building. Even if there is no price appreciation in the value of the condo over time, it’s like a savings account with the side benefit of almost no cost vacations as long as we own it. The way it’s structured, we are able to rent the unit enough to cover the vast majority of ownership and maintenance expenses. It does require a little bit of risk, but after thouroughly looking at the financials the risk was easily outweighed by the benefits.

I could easily come up with more, but I’ll wait to share more as we make trips down south.

Here’s a video of one of our fishing trips in Puerto Penasco a few years ago:

Daily Low: Without a doubt the day’s low was after a very long (but productive!) day at the office and wanting to get home to make dinner, I realized that I locked my office door with my keys still on my desk. Ugh! The horror…

So I was on a quest to figure out how I could break back in to get them.

The credit card in the door jamb didn’t work.

I considered punching a hole in the wall to reach through and unlock the door… After all, I could then just spend a whole afternoon on sheetrock repair.  No, clearly that wasn’t such a good idea.  Mostly because I’m not mych of a handyman!

Then I considered getting a Lyft back to my house and getting my second set of keys.  That would be great to get my car, but I realized the only other office key was with Liz and she’s gone to Utah with family for the week…

As I was getting more and more frustrated and depressed about the situation, I thought through having to call a locksmith tomorrow to come and bail me out.  Probably another $100 down the drain on an unnecessary mistake.

Think Mikel, Think!

And then I remembered when I had the guys come in and run cabling for the office.  It has those acoustic tile drop ceilings and I still had access to the office next door.

Full MacGyver mode now!

I found a broom handle, some duct tape a paint stirrer stick and an allen wrench.  And luckily we had a ladder in the back. So I crafted a big stick fish hook and climbed up the wall in the adjacent office.

You can only imagine the joy when I removed the tile, looked down and saw my keys waiting patiently on my desk!

Just a quick hook up to get the keys, replace the tiles, turn off the lights and I was on my way home 45 minutes later than I started…

But I was grateful.

Daily Challenge: The key situation was clearly a challenge as well as the low.  But I also had a challenge of cleaning up excess office equipment, furniture, etc that I’d been packing around for a long time.  I got some of it listed and sold, but I’ve got a ways to go.

Daily Lesson: This was easy.  Get an extra copy of the office key to make sure I don’t get permanently locked out in the future.  And maybe take a little more time to make sure I don’t lock myself out in the first place…


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